What so great about Business Credit?

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Published: 10th August 2011
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Building your business' credit is an important step. There is many aspects that you need to consider when building your business credit. There is many steps that you need to take to make sure that it is built correctly. This is what we do for you. We remove the guess work. We allow you to sit back and watch the progress of your business credit growth as we do the necessary things to allow your business to grow. We help you gain an online presence or increase the one you already have with a few simple task. We help your business to grow by helping you build your business credit profile with the major credit bureaus, in turn this gives you access to loans, credit cards, and other working capital. This allows you to expand your client base and gives your business more exposure to new potential clients.

Business Credit Allows business owners to obtain trade and business credit without the use of a personal credit check or guarantee. Business owners utilize business credit as a key to building their business credit. Business credit is not only used to obtain lines of credit, but is used to show how established your business is. Your Suppliers can check your credit to make sure that you are not a financial risk before they even ask you if you like to be Net 30 terms.

Building business credit takes detailed step by step planning and a continued effort to bring the business credit rating up to the level that is needed in order to apply to the proper lenders to access the set funding goals.

Business credit provides use of leverage for business owners such as yourself.

Here is some reasons why you need to build your business credit and not relay on your personal credit or bootstrap your business.

1. The business owner will not be held personally responsible for the debts or liabilities of the business. This means creditors cannot try to obtain funds from the business owner's personal assets to pay outstanding bills.

2. Corporations often have tax advantages. These can include healthcare insurance premiums paid on the behalf of owner-employee, saving on self employment taxes and corporate income not subject to Social Security.

3. Incorporating your business gives you more credibility with employees, vendors, and partners. Not to mention the credit bureaus.

Well built business credit allows you to do a number of things such as get access to

Business loans / Business lines of credit

Business Credit Cards/ Business Charge Cards

Vendor Credit such as Staples, Tiffany & Co, Macys, Uline, and much much more

Corporate Vehicles

Much Much more

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Tiffany Washington

Business Credit Builder




Business Credit Builder helps clients position their business to achieve the companies funding goals through varies means of financing, regardless of credit.


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